Data Innovations Announces New Generation of Lab Productivity Software with Instrument Manager™ 2023

July 18, 2023 – Colchester, Vermont

Lab automation and productivity leader Data Innovations (DI) has released Instrument Manager™ 2023 (IM 2023), which introduces a new web-based application framework called DI Gateway. The new framework features a user-friendly interface with functionality designed for efficient customer-focused workflows.

Signifying a change in the company’s product development approach, DI is calling the shift “ReIMagination.” The first app to be developed within the DI Gateway framework, part of IM 2023, is called Test Properties. Moving forward, all new DI lab automation and productivity web apps will be developed within this framework.

IM 2023 also features an updated data platform, InterSystems IRIS®,for improved cybersecurity and performance. IM 2023 is compatible with Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2016.

“We’re very excited to release this new version of Instrument Manager,” says Premila Peters, president of Data Innovations. “We remain committed to the use of technology to reduce the administrative burden on clinical labs and increase lab uptime. To this end, IM 2023 features the first in a new generation of DI apps to offer lab administrators improved user interfaces and workflows for increased productivity.”

Reducing the Need for Complex Rules Writing

In addition to introducing a new user interface, the Test Properties app provides IT administrators with a more efficient and easier process for configuring clinical and technical reference ranges.

  • With the Test Properties app, administrators can configure an entire library of laboratory reference ranges used by their Laboratory Information System (LIS). The new workflow saves time by greatly reducing the need for manually defining complex rules.
  • Test Properties integrates with Instrument Manager’s autoverification system, which flags test results that fall out of normal reference ranges. IM also flags test results requiring delta checks based on a patient’s previous results.
  • Administrators that use Test Properties can also increase standardization in their lab by using the same reference ranges and flagging/alert protocols that their LIS uses. The app offers predefined abnormal result flags that comply with HL7 and HiTech interoperability standards. 

More information about IM 2023 is available on the DI website here or learn more at our webinar on July 20 at 1 p.m. ET. Register here

What is Instrument Manager?

Instrument Manager is a truly vendor-neutral lab connectivity and automation platform that enables labs to increase their productivity while improving patient care. This is made possible through IM’s lab automation capabilities that integrate autoverification of test results with quality assurance of the lab instruments that perform the tests. Labs using IM autoverification can automate the majority of their lab tests, resulting in quicker turnaround times of accurate test results delivered to patients and their doctors.

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About Data Innovations

Data Innovations provides lab enablement software and solutions for clinical labs to optimize performance across all disciplines with the goal of improving patient care. With key solutions spanning lab connectivity, productivity, quality, performance and reliability, and analytics, Data Innovations is credited with establishing the lab enablement software space and driving vendor-neutral solutions within and across labs. They are a global software company, serving 6,000+ hospitals and laboratories in 80+ countries.

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