Driver Listing

Instrument Manager Driver Library

All drivers, documentation, training materials, Instrument Manager software patches and Language Locale files are available through our Customer Web Portal (CWP). Login into the customer support portal for your region.

DI Driver and Software Compatibility

To ensure compatibility of IM 2023, v9.00.00 with all Data Innovations (DI) drivers and software, see the IM 2023, v.9.00.00 Compatibility Information document.

My DI Community Users

CWP users: sign in to your regional CWP and select the IM2023 (v9.00.00) Instrument Manger Documentation resource to locate the IM 2023, v9.00.00 Compatibility Information link.

Request a New Driver

Data Innovations welcomes the opportunity to meet your needs by developing new interface drivers.

  • If you are a customer and do not see a needed interface driver listed submit a support ticket in your My DI Community portal.
  • If you're a DI partner, please email us directly to request development of a new driver. 


DI provides cabling for interfacing.
Mode = Communication Mode which is Uni-Directional (Uni), Bi-Directional (Bi), and/or Query.

Covid-19 Drivers

Data Innovations is committed to ensuring your lab can identify and access all drivers required to support COVID-19 testing.

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