Instrument Manager 2023 Launch Announcement

Data Innovations® (DI) announces the availability of Instrument Manager™ (IM) 2023, (v9.00.00). This edition is a major release, and contains new feature enhancements, as well as a new user interface, database, and cybersecurity updates.

With IM 2023 DI begins an initiative focused on modernization and the user experience (UX). The new user experience is seen with the DI Gateway and Test Properties. DI Gateway is the web application framework that serves as the entry point for all newly developed DI web applications (web apps). Test Properties was chosen as our first web app to display within the DI Gateway. Benefits for customers:

  • Transition to modernized user experience
  • Ease of use and configuration
  • Decreased time to implement new functionality

As DI is introducing a new web-based user experience, we are updating our support for more modern web browsers such as Microsoft Edge ® and Google Chrome®. DI is also migrating IM’s database to InterSystems IRIS® to stay current with InterSystems enhancements, performance, and cybersecurity improvements. As you plan to upgrade from your current IM version to IM 2023, consider the following:

You may need to upgrade your physical or virtual server. IM will initially be supported on the following Microsoft Operating Systems:

  • Windows Server® 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows® 10 Professional
  • Windows 11 Professional

IM 2023 Compatibility Information

  • You may need to update some of your drivers to ensure compatibility with IM 2023. There are currently 14 drivers that require updates to ensure compatibility when you upgrade. To see the list of drivers that require updating visit our Driver Library page.

If you are using EP Evaluator (EE) and are leveraging the EE and IM joint license feature, you must run the IM 2023 thin client installer on all EP Evaluator and EE thin client systems. If you are also using the EE Data Acquisition feature with Data Source Name (DSN) connections, you must install the latest Instrument Manager ODBC driver and create new DSN connections to continue utilizing Data Acquisition.

There is no additional cost for software to upgrade to IM 2023, if you have a valid Support agreement with us. DI offers upgrade services and if your site requires assistance with upgrading to IM 2023, please contact Data Innovations Sales to request a quote for a DI Professional Services upgrade project.

It is important for you to begin planning to upgrade from your current IM version to IM 2023. IM versions older than 8.16.20 are considered legacy versions. If your site is still using past IM versions, then they typically have outdated hardware, operating systems, and databases. While IM is a very stable product, legacy versions may not receive enhancements or cybersecurity patches and are more difficult to troubleshoot and support. Review our version calculator to see the list of new features you’ll receive when you upgrade to IM 2023.

For more information about Instrument Manager, go to the IM product page on our website or contact your regional Sales department. If you purchased Instrument Manager from one of our business partners, please contact them for support.

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