Instrument Manager Overview


Simplicity and flexibility for better control of your lab operations


No matter where your laboratory is doing business, chances are you’re feeling the pressure to run more efficiently. Faster turnaround times ... lower costs … demand for higher revenues ... greater regulatory demands … smaller talent pool of qualified technicians. Just some of the challenges you face every day. Data Innovations IMpowers you to take control over these challenges. We help you manage your lab with solutions that are powerful enough to meet today’s demands and flexible enough to adapt to tomorrow’s changes.

Instrument Manager Features

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Autoverification: Greater than
90% standardized, automated
results review - enterprise wide

Moving Averages

Laboratory Intelligence:
Instant access to timely, actionable
performance metrics

Hematology WorkCell

Hematology WorkCell:
Holistic, automated,
paperless workcell for all
Hematology platforms.

Moving Averages

Moving Averages / Medians:
Instantly and automatically detect
when analytical errors occur
without increasing operational costs


Connectivity: for use in
Multi-Site, Multi-LIS and
Multi-workstation environments

 Storage and Retrieval

Storage and Retrieval:
Reduce time to find a sample
by an average of 60%

 LIS Backup LIS Backup: Continuous
results production while your
LIS is unavailable
  e-LAB Solutions Connect: 
Automated Proficiency Test Reporting
 Regulatory Compliance Maintenance Manager:
Confidence during your 
inspections that all your
lab equipment records
are complete, approved
and electronic.
 Data Mining Data Mining: Generate ad hoc or
standardized reports from an
information rich source to improve
operational efficiency
 Value Adds Value Adds: Services, training
and support to maximize
your investment
 Integrated QC Integrated QC: Seamlessly integrate
third-party QC systems, such as
Bio-Rad Unity Real Time™, into
your results production.