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  Data Innovations Regional User Group

Data Innovations will be hosting a free user group for Instrument Manager and EP Evaluator customers.  This will be a day long event that will allow customers to interact with DI experts, learn more about IM and meet other users in your area.  Check back soon for the agenda or click here to register.

  • October 22, 2014
    Bio-Rad Laboratories
    21 Technology Dr E
    Irvine, CA 92618


Learn How Moving Averages Can Help Enhance Quality Control and Improve Your Laboratory

Ever wonder what Moving Averages can do for you and your lab? Have you wondered what type of investment and time it would take to get up running? Get the answers to your questions by attending a free webinar by Data Innovations. During this 1 hour presentation you will learn:

• What Moving Averages can do for you

• Benefits to using Moving Averages

• How Moving Averages can complement your Quality Assurance initiatives

• Quick steps to getting up and running with Moving Averages

• Additional algorithms that are now available with the release of IM 8.12.20

Introducing the Next Generation Hematology Workcell Webinar
Join Data Innovations for a free webinar to discover the next generation hematology workcell that is available with Instrument Manager v8.12.  This one hour presentation will show you:
• Overall enhancements to Specimen Management Workspace
• Enhanced hematology workflow
• New actions that have been added to aid workflow
• How to view multiple runs of analyzer results side-by-side 
• The streamlined processes to release/reject/rerun hematology results.  
Integrate EP Evaluator with Instrument Manager
Focus your time on measuring your lab's performance  
Save hours of time and frustration by automating data acquisition from the leading middleware product, Instrument Manager, to EP Evaluator.   Attend Data Innovation's FREE,
one-hour and informative webinar to learn:      
  • Benefits of automated data acquisition     
  • How to connect EP Evaluator with Instrument Manager    
  • Step-by-Step using EP Evaluator wizard to acquire data from Instrument Manager      
  • Minimum requirements needed for integration     
By integrating EP Evaluator with Instrument Manager, you can instantly filter, capture and import data directly into EP Evaluator saving hours of time and minimizing clerical errors.  One customer was able to reduce data entry and evaluation time in half using automated data acquisition combined with policy definitions.  Learn how to ease the cost of regulatory compliance and save time to focus on results producing activities. 
  • Check back for additional dates.
Latest Enhancement in Automated Proficiency Testing
Run CAP PT More Like a Patient Sample and Significantly Reduce Clerical Errors
Manual entry of proficiency testing is time consuming and prone to errors.  You can truly automate the process by sending the results directly from the instruments to the CAP's online portal.

Laboratorians benefit from running CAP PT more like a patient specimen because they can significantly reduce clerical errors, reduce the time and resources necessary to run PT, and can re-allocate staff time to more patient-centric activities. With e-LAB Solutions Connect, CAP PT results are automatically transmitted from your laboratory instrument to e-LAB Solutions using Instrument Manager™ -middleware software developed by Data Innovations LLC.

Automatically transmitting the results eliminates the need for manual transcription, reducing PT failures and delivering results faster than ever before.

During this session, attendees will learn more about e-LAB Solutions Connect™ - including benefits, requirements, and how to get started.

"What used to take four hours, now takes 2 minutes." - Mark Shearer, MCLT, MT (ASCP) Director of Chemistry, CompuNet Clinical Laboratories



Upgrade to EP Evaluator Version 11
Are you an EP Evaluator® customer that is using version 8 or below?  If so, you are missing out on significant features released over the last three years .  See what is new with EE Release 11:

  • Incident tracking enhancements
  • 10 different ways to import or enter data
  • Multiple Instrument Comparison (MIC) able to compare specimens with some missing results across instruments
  • Data capture directly from Instrument Manager™
  • Simple Accuracy using two standard levels with target ranges
  • New Competency Assessment module
  • New Stability Module
  • New Factor Sensitivity Module
  • Enhancements to the Simple Inventory Module
  • Composite reports
  • And more!

Getting Started with Moving Averages

**This is only for customers who have purchased Moving Averages and/or Moving Medians**

Start monitoring your laboratory's analytical performance in less than an hour

Do you currently have Moving Averages and/or Moving Medians to monitor analytical performance in your lab? Attend Data Innovations free, one hour, and informative webinar to learn: 

  • Step-by-Step process to start using Moving Averages in under an hour
  • Benefits of Moving Averages
  • Best practices for implementing and running Moving Averages

Start monitoring your laboratory in real time, today.  Moving Averages is simple to configure and use and you can begin seeing the results immediately.  You can view any assay on any instrument from anywhere on your network that is connected to Instrument Manager.


  • Check back for additional dates

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