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  Data Innovations Regional User Group

Data Innovations will be hosting a free user group for Instrument Manager and EP Evaluator customers.  This will be a day long event that will allow customers to interact with DI experts, learn more about IM and meet other users in your area.  Check back for new user group dates.

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9:00 am - Introductions
9:45 am - Instrument Manager Training Session:  Filtering 
11:00 am - Customer Led Session:  Topics submitted by attendees for discussion
12:00 pm - Lunch and Networking
1:00 pm - Instrument Manager Training Session:  Specimen Management Color Coding
2:15 pm - Development Roadmap and Product Updates
3:00 pm - Fix It Forum - Customer Breakout Sessions
 4:00 - Lab Tour  (optional)



East Coast User Group

  • Ortho 
  • Raritan, NJ
  • April 20, 2016


Southern User Group

  • Regional One Health
  • Memphis, TN
  • June 8, 2016


West Coast User Group

  • Sharp Healthcare
  • San Diego, CA
  • Juse 28, 2016


Midwest User Group

  • University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
  • Iowa City, IA
  • September 29, 2016



Data Innovations at Tradeshows and Other User Group Events


  • Las Vegas, NV
  • February 29, 2016 - March 4, 2016
  • Booth #1925



How Today's Chemistry Lab is Utilizing Laboratory Intelligence

We understand that getting access to lab operational data has typically been an arduous, manual and time consuming task. But with Laboratory Intelligence you can now have an insight in to your lab’s performance, allowing you to access timely, actionable performance metrics. This scalable solution can benefit the smallest lab to the largest integrated health networks with multiple, disparate information systems. 

As a non-profit academic health center serving a patient population of 1.9 million as well as 30 outpatient clinic locations across multiple states, they understand that their operations need to run a smoothly and efficiently as possible. Having access to timely, actionable performance metrics. It provides a snapshot of laboratory operations that helps lab management focus on key operational issues.

During this webinar we will go through how this high profile site:

  • Was able to quantify their performance metrics
  • Was able to customize dashboards to produce real-time reports and monitor productivity and improve their clinical chemistry operations
  • Used Laboratory Intelligence adjust draw times, perform scheduled instrument maintenance and determine bench staffing levels and times to match volume and turn-around times
  • Was able to increase Autoverification levels based on information discerned from the Laboratory Intelligence reports




IT Webinar Series for Instrument Manager

Data Innovations is beginning a new, multi-part webinar series that is focused on the Information Technology (IT) side of Instrument Manager™ rather than features and benefits of specific functionality.  The intended audience are those in the laboratory and/or IT departments responsible for setup, configuring and maintaining Instrument Manager in the clinical laboratory environment.  The webinar topics selected for this series are some of the most frequently asked questions about Instrument Manager.  The first webinar in this series will focus on:

Daylight Savings Time - 10 Minutes

  • We will discuss how to change DST and stopping IM/Cache and why this is important.  As well as address any concerns from the IM/Cache perspective.

Setting up and Using Anti-Virus with Instrument Manager - 15 Minutes

  • We will explore what exclusions are required, why isn’t it easy to explicitly list all locations in the manual and why do we need to exclude these directories/files.

Advantages of a Test System and Deploying - 25 Minutes

  • During this segment you will learn about deploying Live and Test Instrument Manager systems.  We will discuss how to configure the systems so that test and live patient specimens are processed appropriately and how to handle new instrument setups, application builds and system upgrades and the benefits of validation and verification on a test system.

Come explore the other side of Instrument Manager during this one hour presentation.  There will also be a Q&A session at the conclusion of the webinar where you will have the opportunity to ask the experts questions relating to the topics from each session.


  • Check back for additional dates. See Webinar Archive below for recording


Automated Proficiency Test Reporting

Manual entry of proficiency testing is time consuming and prone to errors.  You can truly automate the process by sending the results directly from the instruments to CAP's   e-LAB Solutions web portal.   Automatically transmitting the results eliminates the need for manual transcription, reducing PT failures and delivering results faster than ever before.

Laboratories benefit from running CAP Proficiency Testing (PT) more like a patient specimen by:

  • Significantly reducing clerical errors responsible for nearly 40% of all PT failures*
  • Reducing the time and resources necessary to run PT 
  • Re-allocating staff time to more patient-centric activities  

With e-LAB Solutions Connect, CAP PT results are automatically transmitted from your laboratory instrument to CAP's e-LAB Solutions web portal using Instrument Manager™ -middleware software developed by Data Innovations LLC.

During this session, attendees will learn more about e-LAB Solutions Connect™ - including benefits, requirements, and how to get started.





 Vancouver Coastal Presents Autoverification in Hematology: 34% Reduction in TAT with 95% AV

Vancouver Coastal is an Academic Health Science Centre that processes approximately 1200 CBC's daily.  With that amount of volume they needed to find a way to increase turnaround time and productivity, while still maintaining quality.  With the implementation of Autoverification and Sysmex Hematology instruments, Vancouver Coastal was able to:

  • Have a 95% Autoverification rate
  • Have a 34% Reduction in TAT
  • Create rules for Departmental Specialties
  • Change instruments - Revised Rules in 2 days
  • Tightly integrate CellaVision within the workflow
  • Move the lab towards a paperless system

Join Data Innovations and Vancouver Coastal Health for a webinar that will walk through the process of evaluating and implementing Autoverification as well as an overview of the implementation process.

Autoverification can help save you time and money by freeing up valuable resources in the laboratory by focusing on the true exceptions.  Let Vancouver Coastal show you how they did it.

When:  See Webinar Archive below for recording



The University of Iowa Talks Autoverification in Clinical Chemistry

Using Autoverification allows your laboratory to automate the review and release of patient results based on your predefined criteria.  But ask yourself, “Are you getting the level of productivity and efficiency you could?” What level of automation am I achieving? 40%, 50%, 60%?  

Join Dr. Matthew Krasowski of The University of Iowa as he discusses their journey from 40% autoverification with their LIS to over 99% using middleware. In addition, Dr. Krasowski will discuss:

  • The University of Iowa’s experience with Autoverification
  • Increasing billables per tech by 32% while volume increased by 18+%
  • The University of Iowa's best practices for a high rate of Autoverification
  • Catching rare events that elude low levels of autoverification
  • And more

When:   See Webinar Archive below for recording

Matthew D. Krasowski, MD, PhD is a pathologist and Director of Clinical Laboratories in the Department of Pathology at The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.  Prior to moving to Iowa in July 2009, he spent four years at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center as director of the Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring laboratory.  He has interest in the use of informatics to improve clinical laboratory efficiency and quality.



Simplifying Quality with Thermo LabLink xL and Instrument Manager

 LabLink xL allows the transfer of data, real time, from your instruments via Instrument Manager. It is 100% web-based quality assurance program that allows data to be submitted and accessed anytime. This on-demand solution allows peer to peer comparison and daily QC review making it an easy way to manage QC in your laboratory. 

Join us for a webinar to learn about:

  • How LabLink xL can simplify Quality Control
  • How to automate real time data transfer via Instrument Manager
  • Quick step guide for setting up bi-directional communication
  • Reducing errors via data automation
  • And more!

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Accessing Your Lab's Data in Real Time

Getting access to lab operational data has typically been an arduous, manual and time consuming task. This scalable solution can benefit the smallest lab to the largest integrated health networks with multiple, disparate information systems. 

Laboratory Intelligence (Lab Intel), released with Instrument Manager Version 8.13, is the future of performance management in the laboratory. With fully customizable dashboards, you can now have access to timely, actionable performance metrics. It provides a snapshot of laboratory operations that helps lab management focus on key operational issues. 

Data Innovations is hosting a 1 hour webinar that will focus on: 

  • How Lab Intel can benefit you and your lab
  • Pre-configured Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and customizable dashboards
  • Metrics that can be monitored with Lab Intel
  • What you need to get started

By providing critical analytics and drill-down capability, Lab Intel helps you identify revenue and cost trends early and isolate the root causes more easily.  Join us for a 1 hour, free webinar to learn more.   




Quality Control with Bio-Rad Unity Real Time
 As a laboratory professional you understand the importance of quality control and helping to maintain the integrity of your laboratory's results. So what if we told you that we could make this part of your job just a bit easier, reducing the data errors and provide QC feedback in real-time? With Instrument Manager™ and Bio-Rad's Unity Real Time®, you get an integrated Quality Control solution that allows you to:
  • Automatically and instantly enter QC results into Unity Real Time®
  • Immediate Westgard QC rules evaluation 
  • Statistical review, documentation and analysis across all controls across your enterprise 
  • Web-based, peer grouping via Bio-Rad's QCNet™
  • Get On-demand interlaboratory comparison reports for real-time troubleshooting
 Not only can you instantly send QC results to Unity Real Time® but Data Innovations is the only middleware company to offer the ability to instantly receive the results of the QC evaluation from Unity Real Time - electronically and automatically so that you can incorporate into your workflow. This allows you to alter your results production by notifying appropriate personnel and add comments/flags to patient results for specific tests and instruments based on the type of QC failure detected, even if you have not implemented autoverification.
By attending this free webinar you will learn:
  • High level overview of Bio-Rad Unity Real Time
  • Quick overview of how to integrate Instrument Manager with Bio-Rad Unity Real Time
  • Example of rules to integrate Bio-Rad Unity Real Time
  • Check back for additional dates. See Webinar Archive below for recording


Learn How Moving Averages Can Help Enhance Quality Control and Improve Your Laboratory

Ever wonder what Moving Averages can do for you and your lab? Have you wondered what type of investment and time it would take to get up running? Get the answers to your questions by attending a free webinar by Data Innovations. During this 1 hour presentation you will learn:

• What Moving Averages can do for you

• Benefits to using Moving Averages

• How Moving Averages can complement your Quality Assurance initiatives

• Quick steps to getting up and running with Moving Averages

• Additional algorithms that are now available with the release of IM 8.12.20

  • Check back for additional dates. See Webinar Archive below for recording


Introducing the Next Generation Hematology Workcell Webinar
Join Data Innovations for a free webinar to discover the next generation hematology workcell that is available with Instrument Manager v8.12.  This one hour presentation will show you:
• Overall enhancements to Specimen Management Workspace
• Enhanced hematology workflow
• New actions that have been added to aid workflow
• How to view multiple runs of analyzer results side-by-side 
• The streamlined processes to release/reject/rerun hematology results.  


Integrate EP Evaluator with Instrument Manager
Focus your time on measuring your lab's performance  
Save hours of time and frustration by automating data acquisition from the leading middleware product, Instrument Manager, to EP Evaluator.   Attend Data Innovation's FREE,
one-hour and informative webinar to learn:      
  • Benefits of automated data acquisition     
  • How to connect EP Evaluator with Instrument Manager    
  • Step-by-Step using EP Evaluator wizard to acquire data from Instrument Manager      
  • Minimum requirements needed for integration     
By integrating EP Evaluator with Instrument Manager, you can instantly filter, capture and import data directly into EP Evaluator saving hours of time and minimizing clerical errors.  One customer was able to reduce data entry and evaluation time in half using automated data acquisition combined with policy definitions.  Learn how to ease the cost of regulatory compliance and save time to focus on results producing activities. 
  • Check back for additional dates.  


Upgrade to EP Evaluator Version 11
Are you an EP Evaluator® customer that is using version 8 or below?  If so, you are missing out on significant features released over the last three years .  See what is new with EE Release 11:
  • Incident tracking enhancements
  • 10 different ways to import or enter data
  • Multiple Instrument Comparison (MIC) able to compare specimens with some missing results across instruments
  • Data capture directly from Instrument Manager™
  • Simple Accuracy using two standard levels with target ranges
  • New Competency Assessment module
  • New Stability Module
  • New Factor Sensitivity Module
  • Enhancements to the Simple Inventory Module
  • Composite reports
  • And more!



Getting Started with Moving Averages

**This is only for customers who have purchased Moving Averages and/or Moving Medians**

Start monitoring your laboratory's analytical performance in less than an hour

Do you currently have Moving Averages and/or Moving Medians to monitor analytical performance in your lab? Attend Data Innovations free, one hour, and informative webinar to learn: 

  • Step-by-Step process to start using Moving Averages in under an hour
  • Benefits of Moving Averages
  • Best practices for implementing and running Moving Averages

Start monitoring your laboratory in real time, today.  Moving Averages is simple to configure and use and you can begin seeing the results immediately.  You can view any assay on any instrument from anywhere on your network that is connected to Instrument Manager.



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