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Data Innovations LLC, the largest laboratory middleware company, understands that the demands on clinical labs are greater than ever, bringing with it the pressure to perform efficiently, while maintaining quality, timely and actionable healthcare information.


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Lower Turnaround Time
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Instrument Manager is a powerful middleware solution that will get you faster results, lower your operational costs and deliver the quality that physicians and their patients expect from their clinical lab.



Customer Success Stories

With IM’s Sample Tracking, Dartmouth-Hitchcock was able to focus on providing world-class diagnostics rather than hunting for samples. Time savings = 2.5 to 3 hours per day.
Frank Polito, MBA, M.T. (A.S.C.P.) S.C.
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Lebanon, New Hampshire
With IM’s Autoverification, St-Jansdal Hospital honed their autoverification rules so well that only 1% of samples needed manual review.
Bart Scholten
St. Jansdal Ziekenhuis
Harderwijk, Netherlands
Connectivityfor use in Multi-Discipline, Multi-Site and Multi-LIS and Multi-workstation environments

Laboratory IntelligenceInstant access to timely, actionable performance metrics

AutoverificationGreater than 90% standardized, automated results review - enterprise wide

AutoverificationReduce time to find a sample by an average of 60%

AutoverificationInstantly and automatically detect when analytical errors occur without increasing operational costs

AutoverificationServices, training and support to maximize your investment

AutoverificationAutomated Proficiency Test Reporting

AutoverificationSeamlessly integrate
third-party QC systems, such as Bio-Rad Unity Real Time™, into your results production.