Product Documentation

Data Innovations continues with its drive towards becoming more environmentally responsible by actively reducing the amount of unnecessarily printed documentation, and promoting the use of electronic documentation.

Data Innovations’ Green Initiative will contribute to a reduced Climate Footprint by increasing the conservation of our natural resources.

We understand that printing hard copies of our Instrument Manager and EP Evaluator documentation is necessary at times, and have taken steps to ensure you can accomplish this. In the table below, you will find our Product Titles along with the various methods for obtaining them in electronic and hard format.



Instrument Manager Documentation Titles

  • Master Index
  • Archiving User's Guide
  • Data Collection User's Guide
  • Getting Started Setup Guide
  • Hot Backup User's Guide
  • Installer's Guide
  • Maintenance Manager User's Guide
  • Manual Results Entry User's Guide
  • Moving Averages User's Guide
  • Notifier User's Guide
  • ODBC User's Guide
  • Quality Control User's Guide
  • Release Notes
  • Rules Manual
  • Specimen Management User's Guide
  • Specimen Routing User's Guide
  • Specimen Storage & Retrieval User's Guide
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • Upgrade Manual
  • Upgrade Reference Guide
  • User Security User's Guide


EP Evaluator Documentation Titles

  • EP Evaluator Manual
  • Lab Statistics Fun and Easy

Order Professionally Bound Documentation

You can conveniently order professionally bound documentation online anytime of the day and have it delivered to your door through the Marketplace's below.

Data Innovations  Instrument Manager Marketplace

Data Innovations EP Evaluator Marketplace


Print Your Own Documents

Use the PDF files on your Instrument Manager or EP Evaluator CD/DVD.


View and Download Electronic Documentation

The Data Innovations Customer Web Portal provides customers with access to Instrument Manager and EP Evaluator documentation in PDF file format.  All on-line resources are now available through the Customer Web Portal.  This includes Instrument Manager User Guides for all the different features and Instrument Manager versions.

Customers can contact the Data Innovations Customer Support department for assistance in accessing the Customer Web Portal (CWP) by visiting the Support page of this website.

Viewing the Instrument Manager and EP Evaluator PDF documentation requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. You can obtain this software free of charge from Adobe.

Be sure to follow the instructions for your operating system when downloading and installing this software.