In order to best serve our customers, Data Innovations strives to provide the necessary hardware accessories to deliver a true turnkey solution. Unfortunately, not all hardware products are available in all countries. If you have any questions about the following hardware products, please feel free to contact our sales department.

Lantronix® Device Servers
Lantronix® Device Servers provide a quick, simple, cost-effective way to connect serial instruments to an existing network. If instruments are placed in remote locations, Lantronix Device Servers enable facilities to share just one Instrument ManagerTM system between the multiple locations. Lantronix Device Servers are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit various needs and budgets.

Un-interruptable Power Supply (UPS)
Adds an Un-interruptable Power Supply (UPS) and cable to Instrument ManagerTM.

Serial Cable
Up to 50 foot serial cable to connect the Instrument ManagerTM or imEXPRESSTM system to instruments. May also be used to connect device servers sold by Data Innovations to instruments.



 Discontinuation of Avocent Products

Avocent Corporation, manufacturer of Avocent and Equinox products resold by Data Innovations, recently announced the discontinuation of Avocent serial products effective March 31st 2012.  As a result, Data Innovations will no longer accept orders for Avocent products, effective March 27th, 2012. We recommend that customers using Avocent and Equinox hardware convert to a networking device server solution, using Lantronix network device servers. This should be done proactively to avoid emergency conversions and interruptions in operations in the event of a hardware failure.  DI is available to assist you in this transition and can offer additional solutions for the conversion.  Please contact Data Innovations at northamerica-sales@datainnovations.com or 802-264-3470 for assistance.


Data Innovations
Worldwide Hardware Warranty Policy

To ensure that the most efficient resolution of hardware warranty issues is available, all manufacturer hardware warranties are passed on directly to the customer. Hardware warranty coverage begins on the date of Data Innovations’ initial purchase from the manufacturer. All hardware items listed below are inventoried on a first in, first out basis and are generally sold within 30-45 days from the date of initial purchase. We make every effort to keep inventory turnaround times at a minimum.

Please review the regional manufacturer contact information, and have your service tag/serial number available when contacting the appropriate manufacturer.