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Critical Priority

System or Production Connection Down: Critical Priority shall mean a Software Error that renders the Software inoperable and causes a significant, time-dependent stoppage of Customers business operations. Critical Priority instances must be reported via telephone.

High Priority

Significant Business Impact: High Priority shall mean a Software Error that causes the Software to fail resulting in significant revenue or operational impact on Customers business, although certain functions of Customers business remain in operation. High Priority instances must be reported via telephone.

Medium Priority

Low Impact Failure: Medium Priority shall mean a Software Error causes a feature of the Software to fail resulting in a non-critical situation which allows the Customers business to remain in operation. A Medium Priority incident may include issues only impacting a single user or issues where the business impact under a Critical Priority or High Priority is resolved, but there is ongoing research needed to determine the root cause of the failure. Medium Priority instances may be reported via telephone, email or by the Customer Web Portal.

Low Priority

Assistance: Low Priority shall mean Software Error opened when Customer has general Software questions or needs that do not impact day-to-day functionality. Low Priority instances may be reported via telephone, email or by the Customer Web Portal.

Maintenance and Support

Emergency Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by phone through your regional support office and may only be logged only on a live Instrument Manager system where a portion has become non operative and is affecting a critical laboratory function.

Non-Emergency Support is available during the hours for the listed time-zones above, excluding holidays. Non-emergency Support requests may be initiated via phone, email, Customer Web Portal (CWP). To submit a support request by phone or email contact your regional office and include: your Instrument Manager™ or IMConnect™ license number, your core version number, your contact information and as detailed a description of your problem as possible.

Use this template to request Data Innovations to develop a new interface driver. Please fill out all the information in the Customer Description Area and include a Communications Specification from the Vendor.

NDR Form

Use this template to request enhancements to Instrument Manager or JResultNet. Fill out the Customer Description area with as much detail as possible. Include any data that will clarify your submission.


Use this template to submit a Request for an Enhancement or Potential Bug Fix to a driver. Include the following data to improve the turnaround time of your request:
  • Communications Traces showing the issue
  • Your sites current Configuration file (gsb)
  • Specimen Event Log/Support File for a sample affected
  • Updated Communications Specification from Vendor

ECR Form

WebEx Support Session

If instructed by a Data Innovations support person to join a WebEx Support Session, you may click the button above or follow this link: You will be directed to Data Innovations' main WebEx page where you may join a Support Session using the number provided to you by your Data Innovations support person.