JResultNet® software is a robust, modular Java-based middleware application that is commonly used to manage the data flow between large arrays of laboratory instruments and laboratory information systems.

In this process JResultNet provides a range of capabilities including support of different communication protocols at each connection point and the application of complex rules filters where desired. JResultNet can be used for enterprise wide autoverification (review by exception) applications or single instrument connections with equal user control and ease of use. As with most Java applications, JResultNet is portable allowing it to be run across a spectrum of hardware platforms depending on the requirements of the individual implementation. JResultNet can be run on rack servers to handle high volume mission critical applications, often involving multiple hospitals. More commonly, JResultNet is installed on desktop PCs in the lab to manage all the instrument connections within the LIS environment. At the low end, we run an embedded version of JResultNet in our JavaLin interface units. Regardless of the hardware platform, JResultNet provides a common user interface and a robust set of configuration tools. These include support of a variety of industry standard protocols such as HL7, ASTM, XML, CSV, CDF, HPRIM as well as POCT-1A (coming soon). A complete set of message mapping tools is provided, allowing each connection to be configured to precisely match requirements. The base version of JResultNet also includes the first step of rules features, which handles most of the commonly requested customizations. More complex rules features and other functionality are available as optional modules.